Hi my dear blog readers. Please check out my latest post>>> Outdoor Activity.
This post is a report on an outdoor activity I carried out with my students last month. The post is under the 'Science' tab.
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Attention to all my dear readers

Hi dear all readers. Earlier I've accidentally set the content of my teaching materials to private that anyone who would like to view the content would have to send me a request and ask for my permission. Now that I have changed the settings and all of you can access the file freely without asking for permission. Sorry if I caused you any inconvenience and I hope that you would enjoy your stay at my blog. Have a nice day.

Welcoming speech

Welcome to My Little Classroom. This blog is established in order to share my teaching materials with my colleagues, students and parents. All the teaching materials I uploaded to this blog are specially designed for the students as for them to learn in a more interesting way in which pictures and descriptions are both provided in the slides. I welcome the parents to obtain the teaching materials from my blog for their children. Sharing is caring. I hope that all my readers do enjoy my blog and feel free to visit it anytime. Have a nice day.